Newton's 2nd

Newton's 2nd - speed). 4. Results See Below Our groups...

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Clint Robertson (Operator) Physics 211 Lab September 29, 2011 Newton’s 2 nd 1. The goal of this experiment was to measure a physical quantity, the acceleration of an object being pulled along a horizontal surface by an object experiencing vertical acceleration due to gravity. 2. In order to reach this goal, weights in increasing increments were attached to the vertically accelerating object and the acceleration of the system was logged by the computer. 3. The theory behind this experiment is Newton’s 2 nd law that states, in short, F=M*a where F is equal to the net force applied to the object, M is the mass of the object, and a is the acceleration of the object. In order to find the acceleration of the object we must use a free body diagram. So if G=(m+M)a then Mg=(m+M)a which simplifies to a=(M * g)/(m+M). Using this equation we can figure out the acceleration of the objects (which both accelerate at the same
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Unformatted text preview: speed). 4. Results See Below Our groups results are acceptable. We were able to get within 2 tenths of the determined value on Test:1 and within 3 one-hundredths on Test:2. The main source of experimental error was caused by the logger pros delay between when you click start and when it really starts logging. Test 1: 100g Experimental acceleration 2.248 m/s 2 Determined acceleration 2.025 m/s 2 Test 2: 50g Experimental acceleration 1.157 m/s 2 Determined acceleration 1.129 m/s 2 Test 3: 500 g Determined acceleration 5.542 m/s 2 5. This experiment used a laterally moving object and a vertically moving object, accelerated by gravity, and computer generated info to determine the acceleration of objects in a system with unbalanced forces....
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Newton's 2nd - speed). 4. Results See Below Our groups...

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