Dead mans cell phone

Dead mans cell phone - spotlight is on Jean who is in the...

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Alexander Nunes Professor Reinhart Theater 101 13 October 2010 Dead Man's Cell Phone As I sat down in the dimly lit theater room I did not know what to expect from this production. The only comments I had heard from my peers who had seen the show already was that it was weird, interesting and definitely original; nevertheless I was excited. The scenery was definitely not what I had expected. The concept of people being the support for all of the furniture and even being furniture themselves was interesting. I did not really understand how that choice affected the play structure, but it seemed like the message could be that people themselves are the structures for society and help stabilize it. The lighting of the play was pretty basic. They used a lot of spotlighting to make the audience focus on specific things. During the scene when Gordon's mother is giving the eulogy, a spotlight is on her and a
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Unformatted text preview: spotlight is on Jean, who is in the audience. The lighting I think was done like this so that the audience would focus on only the necessary parts of the play; not being distracted by surrounding scenery. Throughout the play we, as an audience, see the effects of the decisions Jean makes. The world of the play is that Jean is trying to improve Gordon's image as a person and lie to all of his closest relatives. Because of these decisions Jean has to keep up this charade and even integrate herself into his life; no pun intended. The repercussions of her actions gets her into a bit of trouble and even endangers her life. The play was very interesting and I noticed things that we learned in class develop over the course of the play such as the Mountain of Action and all of it's subsequent parts....
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Dead mans cell phone - spotlight is on Jean who is in the...

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