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Streetcar outline - metaphor for how thin their lies and...

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Alexander Nunes Professor Reinhart Theater 101 29 November 2010 Outline: A Streetcar Named Desire Thesis: A Streetcar Named Desire tells the story of individuals who use deceit and intimidation to mask their true personality from others around them and themselves Body: Acting: Blanche's use of deceit and embellishment masks her true problems from her sister. Body: Scenery: The thin curtain which Stanley and Stella dwell behind resembles a
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Unformatted text preview: metaphor for how thin their lies and self deception really is for their marriage. Body: Director: The way the director chose for Blanche to do her monologues shows how she has these thoughts in her head and how she pushes the truth out. Conclusion: Every character at some point is lying to themselves to try and keep the peace up or to keep the truth from manifesting in their lives....
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