Tartuffe Paper - is bombarded with Tartuffe's true...

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Alexander Nunes Professor Reinhart Theater 101 29 November 2010 Director/Designer paper In the play Tartuffe, Tartuffe is a vagabond who is taken in by Orgon, a wealthy Frenchmen. Without wasting time, Tartuffe begins to plant seeds of deception and lies. The first indication that something is wrong with this set up is when Orgon offers up his daughter to Tartuffe. This is the Tremor of the play, Orgon's family realizes quickly that the situation is worse than it seemed. As Orgon's family devises a plan to be rid of Tartuffe they set a plan in motion. They plan to set Tartuffe up and have him try and seduce Elmire, Orgon's wife, and have evidence of his treachery. The quake moment is when Damis confronts Tartuffe and tries to show Orgon the treachery. Orgon, still blinded, accuses Damis of lying and throws him out of his house. Orgon will soon realize, however, that Damis was just in his actions when Tartuffe is revealed to be a deceiver. The crisis and complication are very close in the play timeline. Orgon
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Unformatted text preview: is bombarded with Tartuffe's true intentions as Orgon is being forced out of his house and is threatened with arrest if he does not leave immediately. This is the crisis and complication; all of Tartuffe's deceit and lying culminates at this point. However, in a turn of events Tartuffe is arrested when the police officer arrives with Tartuffe. This is the climax of the play, everything is turned around on Tartuffe and Orgon and his family are safe from Tartuffe's trickery. In the play everyone is trying to do what is best for the family. Orgon believes that Tartuffe will be a god influence, Damis and Elmire want Orgon to see Tartuffe for what he really is and Tartuffe want's everything Orgon has, including a family he never had. One good “As If” scene is when Tartuffe is revealing the truth to Orgon. His smug attitude and total dominance over Orgon is as if he is the gloating winner mocking his depressed opponent....
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Tartuffe Paper - is bombarded with Tartuffe's true...

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