Ch1 through 4 exam 1 study guide PSYC 2060

Ch1 through 4 exam 1 study guide PSYC 2060 - CHAPTER 1 1...

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CHAPTER 1: 1. Educational Psychology: (3) a. The study of learners, learning, and teaching. The accumulated knowledge, wisdom, & seat-of-the-pants theory that every teacher should possess to intelligently solve the daily problems of teaching 2. Teacher Efficacy: (8) a. The degree to which teachers feel that their own efforts’ determine the success of their students a.i. The belief of the teacher that their impact on students makes a difference. 3. Intentionality: (7-9, 16-17) a. Doing things for a purpose; teachers who use intentionality plan their actions based on the outcomes they want to achieve. a.i. Doing things for a reason, on purpose. Intentional teachers are those who are constantly thinking about the outcomes they want for their students and about how each decision they make moves children toward those outcomes. a.ii. An intentional teacher constantly reflects on his or her practices & outcomes. (8) a.iii. *Intentional teachers are critical thinkers who are able to problem solve & transform information from educational psychology into sound classroom practices. 4. Critical thinking: (8, 286) a. Evaluation of conclusions through logical & systematic examination of the a.i. A logical & systematic approach to the many dilemmas that are 5. Action Research: (22-23) a. WHAT ARE THE CHARACTERISTICS OF EFFECTIVE TEACHERS?
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a. Enthusiasm for learning & teaching, a sense of humor, leadership, and warmth. They should also have subject matter knowledge and mastered the skills of instruction or pedagogy including, intentionality. A good teacher should keep up to date with educational psychology research in order to make intelligent, informed decisions & solve problems encountered everyday in classrooms. KNOW THE CHARACTERISTICS OF BOTH EXPERIMENTAL &
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Ch1 through 4 exam 1 study guide PSYC 2060 - CHAPTER 1 1...

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