Ch 4 thru GEOG 2050 - GeographyRound3 10:07 Review:...

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Geography Round 3 10:07 Review:  Hydrologic Cycle Changes in state (solid, liquid, gas) Evaporation, condensation Melting, freezing Sublimation Movement Lifting/precipitation – vertical Advection (vapor), flow (surface, rivers, ground) – horizontal Storage Reservoirs Residence time (atmos., days; rivers, weeks; ground, centuries-thousands yrs; oceans- thousand yrs) Global Budget/Balance Precipitation=evaporation for the entire globe Water Resources Soil Moisture Gravitation, capillary, hygroscopic Permeability Field capacity, wilting point Soil-Water Budget Inputs (PRECIP) Storage (soil moisture) Outputs (ACTET, surplus) PRECIP = ACTET + surplus + storage change
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PRECIP> POET, PRECIP < POTET, PRECIP = POTET Annual water budget examples PRECIP/POTET distributions in the US Groundwater Aquifer, aquiclude Saturated zone, zone of aeration, spring, artesian well Groundwater mining, water table drawdown Rate of movement Cone of depression Pollution Aquifer collapse Groundwater
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Ch 4 thru GEOG 2050 - GeographyRound3 10:07 Review:...

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