ch 5 GEOG 2050 - Chapter 5 Factors influencing temperature:...

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Chapter 5 Factors influencing temperature: Latitude: between 38° N and 38°S receives the surplus of sunlight. This can vary between seasons because of the tilt of the earth o 66.5°N – Arctic Circle, 23.5°N Tropic of Cancer, 0° – Equator, 23.5°S – Tropic of Capricorn, 66.5°S – Antarctic Circle o Caveats: Doesn’t explain everything Strongest during the winter time – it gets much more cooler closer to the north pole then the equator in the winter and not a huge temperature difference in the summer This is strongest in the Northern hemisphere because there is more land – North America and Eurasia Elevation/altitude: The temperature in the troposphere 6.5°C per 1000 meters. This is because it is less dense and lower temperatures come with it o Altitude: above the ground, elevation: above sea level o There is also a small day light difference in temperature at a high altitude but there is a big daylight temperature difference at a high elevation because there is ground that is warmed up o This explains why places that are located in the tropics but have a high elevation (Mexico City) are cooler Cloud cover: if it is cloudy during the day it stays cooler and at night if there is clouds, it actually stays warmer – more water vapor there is in the air and the atmosphere will heat up and it will keep it warm at the surface o Caveat: Depends on the type of cloud cover – the low fluffy clouds do better with cloud cover and maintaining the heat at night. Circulation: the atmosphere transports energy o This happens because of wind, storms, jet streams, and air masses o If there was no circulation the warmth would not be spread from one place to another so the equator would always be extremely hot and the poles
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ch 5 GEOG 2050 - Chapter 5 Factors influencing temperature:...

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