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exam 2 review GEOG 2050 - Mp deadeaGEOG 2050 Wintersession...

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Mp deadeaGEOG 2050 Wintersession 2010 Exam 2 - Review Guide Test Date : Tuesday, Dec. 21 th Format : Multiple choice. Please bring a small scantron form. Text Material : Chapters 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (only up to ‘violent weather’, p.221) Key Terms and Concepts: ENERGY, BALANCES AND BUDGETS: transmission, refraction, reflection (albedo), scattering (sky color, sunset), diffuse and direct radiation, absorption; role of clouds; Netrad = SW 9 + LW 9 - SW 8 - LW 8 , diurnal and latitudinal patterns of netrad; Surface Energy Balance: conduction, convection, Netrad = LE + H + G, latent heat of evaporation, sensible heat, ground storage; global patterns of LE and H; Urban vs. rural climates. GLOBAL TEMPS: Temperature, heat, Celsius, Fahrenheit, Kelvin; Controls: latitude, altitude, cloud cover, land/water heating (evaporation, transparency, mixing, specific heat capacity, continentality); Diurnal variation in air temp.; Global temp. patterns for January and July (thermal equator, etc.); Annual temp. ranges; Human comfort: rate of heat loss (temp gradient, wind, wind chill, humidity, heat index).
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