EXAM 3 notes GEOG 2050

EXAM 3 notes GEOG 2050 - Geography 2050- Spring 2009 Test 3...

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Unformatted text preview: Geography 2050- Spring 2009 Test 3 Notes- Kaitlynn Fish Tropical Cyclone- cyclone refers to circular wind pattern- pressure gradient pulls wind inwards- coriolis pulls outward causing spiral- counterclockwise in northern hemisphere- mid-latitude cyclones are very powerful- strongest aren’t even as strong as strongest hurricanes - several names: hurricanes in Atlantic Ocean, typhoons in Pacific Ocean, cyclones in Indian Ocean- 80-90 of these per year around world- form in marine tropical air masses- warm water- surface temps of 75 degrees to 80 degrees- warm moist air rises and condenses- latent energy releases causing air to continue to rise making the storm larger and larger - hurricanes are more powerful than nuclear bomb energy wise- conditions that need to be present for storm to form: o low pressure trough- east wave- in trade winds o convergence of wind flow on surface making air rise and cool o divergence of air high in atmosphere drawing air up like vacuum - classified based on stages of intensity o tropical disturbance- not serious, low winds o tropical depression- wind flow becomes more organized, cellular circulation begins, still low winds o tropical storm- serious damage caused, 40-73 mph winds, isobars are close and can see the circular pressure flow- Hurricane categories- once winds reach 73 mph o Categories 1-5 based on wind speed o cat 1 is 95 mph or less...
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EXAM 3 notes GEOG 2050 - Geography 2050- Spring 2009 Test 3...

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