GEOG 2050 notes - Geography2050 ENERGY:TRANSFERSANDBUDGETS...

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Geography 2050 10:06 ENERGY: TRANSFERS AND BUDGETS Insolation Intercepted/incoming solar radiation Ground receipts smaller than thermopause Latitudinal distribution (highest in tropics, lowest at poles) Transmission Unaffected passage of radiation through medium Refraction Change in density+change in speed Bending of rays (mirage) Reflection Albedo (earth 31%, snow 80-95%, etc.) Urban vs. vegetation Clouds (up to 90%, cloud-albedo forcing) Scattering Change into many directions Diffuse vs. direct light Sky color (blue, red-orange) Haze, fog, etc. Absorption Conversion to molecular energy Storage/temperature Energy Balances in the Earth-Atmosphere System Role of Clouds High (warming); low (cooling) Greenhouse Effect
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Selective absorber gases Radiation Budget vs. Energy Budget Top of atmosphere Ground surface Ground-atmosphere Latent energy, sensible heat (conduction, convection), ground storage Radiation Budget Netrad=SW
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GEOG 2050 notes - Geography2050 ENERGY:TRANSFERSANDBUDGETS...

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