CHAPTER 2 midterm - CHAPTER 2: 1. A three-dimensional Web...

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CHAPTER 2: 1. A three-dimensional Web site containing infinite space and depth is known as a(n) ____. C: VR world 2. ____ allow users to navigate quickly from one Web page to another, regardless of whether the Web pages are located on the same computer or on different computers in different countries. D: Hyperlinks 3. :) and :( are examples of ____. C: emoticons 4. A new Internet, called ____, is an extremely high-speed network that develops and tests advanced Internet technologies for research, teaching, and learning. C: Internet2 5. E-mail messages are stored by ISP software in a(n) ____. B: mailbox 6. A Web page can contain ____. A: text B: graphics C: sound and video D: all of the above 7. ____ is the Internet's version of junk mail. B: Spam 8. Data sent over the Internet is divided into small pieces called ____. D: packets 9. An e-mail address combines a(n) ____ and a ____. B: username, domain name 10. URL is an acronym for ____. B: uniform resource locator 11. A(n) ____ outlines the standards that remind teachers, students, and parents that they are guests on the Internet and that they need to use it appropriately. A: acceptable use policy 12. A(n) ____ offers special content and member only services in addition to Internet access. A: Online service provider
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CHAPTER 2 midterm - CHAPTER 2: 1. A three-dimensional Web...

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