Chapter 5 midterm - Chapter 5: Integrating Digital Media...

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Chapter 5: Integrating Digital Media and Educational Software Applications Study Guide 1. What is a digitized version of a magazine available on the Web? c. An e-zine 2. What types of software applications are designed to provide students in grades PreK-3 with a developmental head start? d. Early learning applications 3. What is instructor-led training? b. training that involves continuous interaction with an instructor 4. ____ are digital media applications that include step-by-step instructions and interactive demonstrations. b. How-to guides 5. What is an electronic book? a. A book-sized computer that allows users to read, save, highlight, bookmark, and add notes to online text 6. In professional development terms, what is self-paced training? c. Teachers signing up for a specific online course and receiving credit after they complete the training 7. Which of the following uses text, graphics, sound, animation and video to explain a topic or provide additional information. b. Electronic reference text 8. ____ is a process of submitting an author's work or ideas to the scrutiny of others who are experts in the field. b. Refereeing 9. What is an advantage of a creativity application? a. It encourages students to use imagination and ingenuity. 10. What is the name for a computerized self-service structure that allows people to access information in public places? d. Information kiosk 11. What is a graphic that has the illusion of motion? b. Animation 12. What kind of course adds use of the Web to a traditional classroom set-up? a. A Web-enhanced course 13. What is a tutorial? a. A teaching program designed to help individuals learn to use a product or concept b. Programs designed to instruct d. Both a and b 14. How is an online course taught? b. Mostly or completely on the Web
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Chapter 5 midterm - Chapter 5: Integrating Digital Media...

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