chapter 6 midterm - Chapter 6: Technology, Digital Media,...

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Chapter 6: Technology, Digital Media, and Curriculum Integration Study Guide 1. What is curriculum integration? a. The combination of all technology parts together with each subject-related area of curriculum 2. How can education be defined? b. As all of the knowledge, experiences, and skills gained from both school and society 3. What does the term learning style refer to? a. How individuals learn best 4. A ____ consists of teachers, administrators, and staff who consider, investigate, advise, and make recommendations about technology-related issues. c. technology committee 5. What is evaluation? c. The method of appraising or determining the significance or worth of an item, action, or outcome 6. Which is a higher-order thinking skill? a. The ability to solve problems b. The ability to engage in critical thinking c. The ability to interpret complex issues d. All of the above 7. What term describes a nonlinear learning process that occurs when individuals investigate related topics as they encounter them? a. Discovery learning 8. What does Wellivers Instructional Transformation Model describe? b. Hierarchical stages of technology integration through which teachers must progress 9. Which is an important consideration in planning a lesson for a computer lab? a. Setting up clear lab management rules b. Having a back-up plan in case of technology problems c. Working cooperatively with the computer lab teacher d. All of the above 10. What is the ASSURE Model? d. A procedural guide for planning and delivering instruction that integrates technologies and media into the teaching process 11. What defines the material a student is expected to know at certain stages of education? a. A curriculum standard
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chapter 6 midterm - Chapter 6: Technology, Digital Media,...

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