chapter 7 midterm - Chapter 7: Evaluating Educational...

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Chapter 7: Evaluating Educational Technology and Integration Strategies Study Guide 1. What term describes the way a Web site is arranged? c. design 2. In terms of Web site evaluation, which criterion allows users to interpret the purpose of a site? b. objectivity 3. What is assessment? d. any method used to understand the current knowledge a student possesses 4. What is a storyboard? b. a drawing that allows students to design and lay out a project or assignment before creating it on a computer 5. What is an inquiry-oriented activity in which students explore the resources of the Web using discovery learning to find the answers to teacher-created questions? d. a Web scavenger hunt 6. What is a software evaluation rubric? b. an assessment tool for evaluating educational software 7. What is a cross-discipline lesson? c. a lesson that includes a combination of curriculum-specific areas 8. Which of the following is an example of a traditional assessment? a. multiple choice test b. fill-in-the-blank test c. short answer test d. all of the above 9. Teacher observation is the result of ____. b. teachers actively observing their students during the learning process 10. Relative to a Web site, what is the learning process? c. when the site's content engages students to use high-order thinking skills to go beyond the simple acquisition of knowledge 11. What type of assessment focuses on assessing student projects? c. project-based assessment
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chapter 7 midterm - Chapter 7: Evaluating Educational...

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