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Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 14

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 14 - Unit 1 Activity 1...

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Unit 1, Activity 1, Solving Problems Using Mathematical Modeling Blackline Masters, Advanced Math – Pre-Calculus Page 12 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 Directions: Use the procedure below to solve the following problems. Procedure for Developing a Mathematical Model 1. Set up a table using data that appear to be related. 2. Set up a coordinate system, label axes, and choose appropriate scales. 3. Plot data points as ordered pairs on the coordinate system. 4. Sketch a curve that passes through the points. 5. Describe the functional relationship (or an approximation of it) with a symbolic formula. 6. Use the curve and the equation to predict other outcomes. 7. Consider the reasonableness of your results. 8. Consider any limitations of the model. 9. Consider the appropriateness of the scales. Problems: 1. Stairs are designed according to the following principle: The normal pace length is 60 cm. This must be decreased by 2 cm for every 1 cm that a person’s foot is raised when
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