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Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 31

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 31 - p(1 = $60.24 if 1000...

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Unit 1, Activity 3, Operations on Functions with Answers Blackline Masters, Advanced Math – Pre-Calculus Page 29 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 5. Suppose a store sells calculators by marking up the price 20%. The price, then, of one calculator costing c dollars is p(c) = c + 0.2 c . The cost of manufacturing n calculators is 50 n + 200 dollars. Thus the cost of each calculator is n n n c 200 50 ) ( + = a) Find the price for one calculator if only one calculator is manufactured. p(1) = $300. if 1 calculator is manufactured b) Find the price for one calculator if 1000 calculators are manufactured.
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Unformatted text preview: p(1) = $60.24 if 1000 calculators are manufactured c) Express the price as a function of the number of calculators produced by finding p(c(n)). n n p 240 60 + = d) Sketch a graph of the resulting function. 6. Writing activity: What can be said about the composition of an even function with an odd function? Using several even and odd functions, investigate their composition both algebraically and graphically. Show your work and write a paragraph summarizing what you found. In each case, the composition of an even function with an odd function will give an even function....
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