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Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 51 - 9 The quadratic function...

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Unit 2, Activity1, A Review of the Quadratic Function Blackline Masters, Advanced Math-PreCalculus Page 49 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 7. A rectangular lawn which is three times as wide as it is long has a 3 foot path around three sides only. The area of the path is equal to the area of the lawn. Find the dimensions of the lawn. 8. Writing exercise: Discuss the connection between the zeros of a function, the roots of an equation, and the x -intercepts of a graph. Give examples of your finding.
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Unformatted text preview: 9. The quadratic function is to be added to the Library of Functions. You should consider 9 the function in each of the 4 representations. 9 domain and range 9 the vertex as the local maximum or minimum of the function, concavity, symmetry, increasing/decreasing intervals, and zeros 9 examples of translation in the coordinate plane 9 whether or not an inverse exists 9 a real-life example of how the function can be used This is to go in your student portfolio. ....
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