Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 68

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 68 - Unit 2, Activity 6,...

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Unit 2, Activity 6, Rational Functions and their Graphs Blackline Masters, Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus Page 66 Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 PART I For each of the following problems a) Find the domain. Set the denominator equal to zero and solve D ( x ) = 0. The solutions to that equation are the discontinuities of the function and not in the domain. b) Find all zeros of the function. Set the numerator equal to zero and solve N ( x ) = 0. If one or more of the solutions are also solutions to D ( x ) = 0, then that value of x represents the location of a hole in the graph. Solutions that are unique to N ( x ) = 0 represent the x -intercepts of the graph. Plot those intercepts. c) Identify any vertical and horizontal asymptotes. Draw them on the graph with a dashed line. d) Find the y -intercept (if any) by evaluating f (0). Plot that point. e) Find and plot one or two points prior to and beyond each of the vertical asymptotes. e) Graph the function
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