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Unit 5, Activity 7, Finding Daylight Blackline Masters, Advanced Math-Pre-Calculus Page Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 174 8. What day number is the shortest day?_______________ What month and day is this?____________________ 9. Compare your information with the rest of the group. Which city in your group has the longest day?______________________, the shortest day?______________________ 10. Explain the relationship between the location’s latitude and the amount of daylight hours it has? 11. Obtain an equation for your scatterplot. Choose STAT, CALC, and C:SinReg. Press ENTER twice. Write the equation you obtain below. _________________________________ 12. Transfer the equation into Y= and press graph. What do you see? _______________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: _______________________________________________________________________ 13. Using graph paper hand sketch a scatter plot of your data. The horizontal axis represents the number of days, the vertical axis the amount of hours. 14. Find the amplitude___________________, the period__________________, the phase shift____________________, and the sinusoidal axis _______________. . 15. How do these values compare to values of the other cities in your group? What is different and what is the same? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 16. Write a sinusoidal equation that models your data. ________________________________________________...
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