Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 189

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 189 - h meters at the harbor...

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Unit 6, Activity 3, Solving Trigonometric Equations Blackline Masters, Advanced Math - Pre-Calculus Page Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 187 Solve algebraically the following equations for all values of x over the interval [0, 360 o ). Work must be shown. Use a graphing calculator to verify your answers. 1. 5sin(2 x -3) = 4 2. 2cos(4 x ) +2 = 1 3. 3tan(3 x ) = 2 4. 5sin 1 2 x F H G I K J = 4 5. cos 2 x + 2cos x + 1 = 0 6. 2sin 2 x = sin x 7. Suppose that the height of the tide,
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Unformatted text preview: h meters, at the harbor entrance is modeled by the function h = 2.5sin 30t o + 5 where t is the number of hours after midnight. a) When is the height of the tide 6 meters? b) If a boat can only enter and leave the harbor when the depth of the water exceeds 6 meters, for how long each day is this possible? . 8. How can you determine, prior to solving a trigonometric equation, how many possible answers you should have?...
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