Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 213

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 213 - Δ Tbl to 24 π . This...

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Unit 6, Activity 8, The Graphs of Polar Functions Blackline Masters, Advanced Math - Pre-Calculus Page Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 211 1. Graph each of the following polar equations. Fill out the table below. To answer some of the questions it would be helpful to either trace the graph or look at the table values. Try setting the
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Unformatted text preview: Δ Tbl to 24 π . This is the same as the θ step in the window. Scroll through the table to find the answers. The Equation r = a sin( n θ ) r = a cos( n θ ) Number of Petals Domain Number of Zeros Symmetry Maximum r-values r= sin2 θ r = sin3 θ r = sin4 θ r = sin5 θ r = cos2 θ r = cos3 θ r = cos4 θ r = cos5 θ...
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