Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 267

Pre-Calculus Practice Problem 267 - Unit 8, Activity 6,...

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Unit 8, Activity 6, Modeling Motion using Parametric Equations Blackline Masters, Advanced Math – Pre-Calculus Page Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 265 Part III. 1. Consider two objects in motion over the time interval 0 t 2 π . The position of the first object is described by the parametric equations xt t 1 23 = = cos sin and y 1 . The position of the second object is described by the parametric equations t 2 13 =+ sin cos and . At what times do they collide? Set 2 1 x x = and 2 1 y y = and solve the resulting system of equations. The objects collide when t = 2 3 π . This occurs at the point (0, -3). Graphing the two parametric equations shows another point of intersection but it is not a point of
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