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Unit 8, Activity 6, Modeling Motion using Parametric Equations Blackline Masters, Advanced Math – Pre-Calculus Page Louisiana Comprehensive Curriculum, Revised 2008 266 1. A skateboarder goes off a ramp at a speed of 15.6 meters per second. The angle of elevation of the ramp is 13.5 , and the ramp's height above the ground is 1.57 meters. a) Give the set of parametric equations for the skater's jump. b) Find the horizontal distance along the ground from the ramp to the point he lands. 2. A baseball player hits a fastball at 146.67 ft/sec (100 mph) from shoulder height (5 feet) at an angle of inclination 15 o to the horizontal. a) Write parametric equations to model the path of the project. b) A fence 10 feet high is 400 feet away. Does the ball clear the fence? c) To the nearest tenth of a second, when does the ball hit the ground? Where does it hit?
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Unformatted text preview: d) What angle of inclination should the ball be hit to land precisely at the base of the fence? e) At what angle of inclination should the ball be hit to clear the fence? 3. A bullet is shot at a ten foot square target 330 feet away. If the bullet is shot at the height of 4 feet with the initial velocity of 200 ft/sec and an angle of inclination of 8 o , does the bullet reach the target? If so, when does it reach the target and what will be its height when it hits? 4. A toy rocket is launched with a velocity of 90 ft/sec at an angle of 75 o with the horizontal. a) Write the parametric equations that model the path of the toy rocket. b) Find the horizontal and vertical distance of the rocket at t = 2 seconds and t = 3 seconds. c) Approximately when does the rocket hit the ground? Give your answer to the nearest tenth of a second....
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