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Boise State University Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ECE 322L – Fall 2009 &EW LAB SUBMISSIO& PROCEDURES The processing of your lab submissions has been automated. This automation depends on key details being correct in order to properly process your reports. Send To: [email protected] Email Details: Subject: LabNN_GroupX (case sensitive) Body: Leave blank (it will not be read) Attachment: or LabNN_GroupX.piz (case sensitive) Attachment Contents: The attached zip (piz) file is to contain all of your lab submission. readme.txt This file is the key to your lab report submission. It will contain critical information needed to assign lab credit to the correct person. KEY:VALUE Pairs The contents of the file will be parsed in “Key:Value” pairs. So, for each bit of information, there will be a Key to identify the value, and then the value itself. Key:Value pairs have the following syntax: KEY:VALUE The following Key:Value pairs are required for the readme.txt file. (keys are case sensitive)
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