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ECE 332L Microprocessors Lab Lab 10 Fall 2009 Software Pulse Width Modulation Page 1 of 7 Objective: Understanding Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) with a DC Motor. Parts 1 through 3 include the use of tools that provide visual representations to shorten the trial and error process and improve the success rate with the DE2. Part 1: Function Generator Equipment used: FG: HP 33120A Function Generator/Arbitrary Waveform Generator Scope: HP 54645D Mixed-Signal Oscilloscope Connectors: BNC to BNC connector Connect FG output to Scope (at A1) using coaxial cable (BNC to BNC connector) Functions: Observe different wave types – sine, square wave, triangle, ramp a. Example Configuration : Square Wave: 10 Hz, 3.3 VPP, +1.65 vDC offset, %Duty = 50% Settings on FG: - Frequency: Set at 10 Hz - Amplitude: Set/verify to 3.3 VPP - Offset: Verify/set offset on FG = +1.65vDC - %Duty: Set at 50% - Check that 50 ohm ? HIGH Z (very important!) Settings/Adjustments on the Scope: - Autoscale - Measure? Voltage [V p-p]. Confirm matches setting on FG, then [Clear] - Measure ? Time [Freq], [Period], [Duty Cy]. Verify Freq = 10 Hz, Period = 100 ms, Duty Cy = 50%. - A1 Volts/Div: Adjust to 1 volt/div. - A1 Position: Move the waveform up so that Position (A1) = 0.000v. b. Deliverable: Square waveform with a period of 5 ms and 75% Duty (your Scope screen should look like the following). Record Freq, Period, Duty Cy and get checkoff.
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readme_lab10 - ECE 332L Fall 2009 Microprocessors Lab...

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