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HW6 - 5.9 β F = 50(25 points 5.5 The i-v Characteristics...

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ECE 322: Microelectronic Circuits Homework #6 Problem numbers are from your textbook, but use the values given below in place of the values given in the textbook problems. Default values for all problems in Chapter 5 are given at the start of the problems section on page 263 of the book. 5.2 The Transport Model for the npn Transistor
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Unformatted text preview: 5.9 β F = 50 (25 points) 5.5 The i-v Characteristics of the Bipolar Transistor 5.26 No changes (25 points) Note: problem 5.26 is problem 5.39 in the second edition of the book. 5.11 Practical Bias Circuits for the BJT 5.82 β F = 100 (25 points) 5.93 Change 1.5 k Ω resistor to 3 k Ω in Figure P5.93 (25 points)...
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