Lab6 - ECE 322L Microelectronics Lab Lab#6 NMOS and CMOS...

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ECE 322L: Microelectronics Lab Lab #6: NMOS and CMOS Logic Objectives: Learn how to design digital logic gates using NMOS transistors and resistors (NMOS logic) or with NMOS and PMOS transistors (CMOS logic). Materials: Voltmeter Solderless breadboard Hookup wire One 330 resistor Three ZVN3306A NMOS transistors Two ZVP3306A PMOS transistors Setup: Construct the circuit below using a ZVN3306A NMOS transistor and 330 resistor. The ZVN3306A and ZVP3306A have three terminal wires in a row. The middle one is the gate (G). The source and drain are not interchangeable (because the body is hardwired to the source). Holding the package with the leads pointing away from you and the flat side to your right, the source (S) is on the bottom and the drain (D) is on the top. Background: The voltages and currents in analog circuits can take on any values. In digital circuits the electrical variables are restricted to two discrete values (i.e., binary). These values of voltage are usually designated as logic state 0 and logic state 1. Often state 0 refers to a “small” voltage and state 1 refers to a “large” voltage. A digital circuit is an electrical circuit that operates on binary valued input voltages and produces binary valued output voltages. Logic gates implement electrically the logical operations of AND, OR, and NOT. These logical operations are described in words or truth tables (which are a table of outputs for each possible input), and further each logic operation is given a symbol.
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Lab6 - ECE 322L Microelectronics Lab Lab#6 NMOS and CMOS...

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