Lab11 - R F / R i = -Z F / R 1 . Z F = sC R sC R 1 1 2 2 +...

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ECE 322L: Microelectronics Lab Lab #11: Operational Amplifier Low-Pass Filters Objectives: Design integration and low-pass filter circuits with the LM741 op amp. Materials: Oscilloscope Function generator +15VDC and -15VDC voltage supplies Solderless breadboard Hookup wire One 1.2k resistor One 4.7k resistor One 1μF capacitor One LM741 Op Amp Setup: Construct the circuit shown below using R 2 = 4.7k , R 1 = 1.2k and C = 1μF. Background: The circuit in "Setup" above is a low-pass filter circuit using an op-amp. This filter has a DC gain of - R 2 / R 1 and a cutoff frequency ω c of 1/ R 2 C radians/sec. This can be seen by treating the circuit as if it was an inverting amplifier with feedback impedance Z F = - + C R 1 V i (t) V o (t) +15V -15V + - + - 2 3 6 7 4 R 2
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R 2 C . The voltage gain is therefore A v = -
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Unformatted text preview: R F / R i = -Z F / R 1 . Z F = sC R sC R 1 1 2 2 + = C sR R 2 2 1 + . So, A v = C sR R R 2 1 2 1 1 + . Lab assignment: 1) What are the theoretical values of the DC gain and c in the circuit shown in "Setup"? 2) Apply a 10Hz 0.5V pp sinusoid to V i using the function generator. Display V i and V o simultaneously on the oscilloscope and calculate A v (including proper sign). Repeat for 1Hz, 2Hz, 5Hz, 20Hz, 50Hz, 100Hz, 200Hz, and 500Hz. Plot A v versus frequency. 3) Try a 10Hz 5V pp sinusoid input and describe what happens. 4) Design and build a low-pass filter with a gain of -3 (plus or minus one half) and a cutoff frequency of 10Hz (plus or minus 2Hz). Show the component values you used and a plot of your observed versus frequency....
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Lab11 - R F / R i = -Z F / R 1 . Z F = sC R sC R 1 1 2 2 +...

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