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ECE 322L: Microelectronics Lab Spring 2009 Instructor: Jennifer A. Smith E-mail: [email protected] Office hours: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 1:30-2:30pm Office location: MEC 202L Class meeting time: Thursdays 1:40-4:30pm Lab location: MEC 210 Lab web site: Textbook: R. Jaeger and T. Blalock, Microelectronic Circuit Design , 3 rd Ed., McGraw-Hill, 2008. Grading: Attendance 10% (grade of 1 for present, 0 for missing) Quizes 30% Lab Exam 10% Lab Write-ups 50% LAB WRITEUPS ARE DUE AT THE START OF LAB QUIZES WILL TAKE PLACE DURING THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF LAB
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Unformatted text preview: ● NO MAKEUP QUIZES WILL BE GIVEN Schedule: Week Lab 1/22 No lab 1/29 Lab #1 Thévenin and Norton Equivalence 2/5 Lab #2 Diode Characteristics and Rectifiers 2/12 Lab #3 Diode Recovery Time and Clipping Circuits 2/19 Lab #4 Piecewise Linear Wave-Shaping Diode Circuits 2/26 Lab #5 DC Power Supply 3/5 No lab (MEC 210 needed for ENGR 120) 3/12 Lab #6 NMOS and CMOS Logic 3/19 Lab #7 MOSFET Amplifiers 3/26 Holiday 4/2 Lab #8 Bipolar Logic 4/9 Lab #9 BJT Biasing 4/16 Lab #10 BJT Amplifiers 4/23 Lab #11 Operational Amplifier Filters 4/30 Lab Exam...
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