hw3 - is executed srli r3 r4 14 5 What affect does each RR...

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ECE 332 Homework 3 Fall 2009 Due: Wed. 09/09/2009 Page 1 of 1 For the following problem’s you must show your work for full credit. 1. What is the content of r0 after executing the following instruction? addi r0, r9, 4 2. What instruction when executed will result in the ones complement of a register? Show usage of instruction with contents of registers utilized. (Partial credit for multiple instructions). 3. If r4 = 0x12345678, show the instruction and its usage that will result in register r2 having the value 0x56781234. 4. If r4 = 0x12345678, then show the contents (in hex) of r3 after the following instruction
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Unformatted text preview: is executed. srli r3, r4, 14 5. What affect does each RR kind of instruction have on the PC? 6. What is the Nios II machine instruction that will cause the processor to become locked in an infinite one instruction loop? 7. Is there a way for a program to get access to the PC register? If so, demonstrate. 8. Is there another instruction that can be made into a nop instruction? If so, show the machine instruction and the assembly language version....
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