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1 1 Spring 2004 PHY 2053C: College Physics A Today: Fluids: statics Fluids: Liquids and Gases Pressure in Liquids Sink or Swim? Bouyancy – Archimedes Principle Fluids: dynamics Fluid flow: Continuity Equation Bernoulli's Equation Lift Mot i on , For c e s, Energy Heat Wave s Dr. David M. Lind, Dr. Kun Yang, Dr. David Van Winkle L19—Ch10 1 Introduction: Fluids So far we have studied the motion (kinematics, dynamics, and statics) of solid, rigid bodies. In this chapter, we look at properties of fluids , which include liquids and gases . Fluids are “ phase s” of substance which flow without a fixed shape. We will study both the static (fluid not moving) and dynamic (moving fluid) properties of fluids. Materials can be in solid , liquid and gas phase, depending on temperature (Chapter 13) Characteristic of Fluids: The shape can be changed without using forces , but the volume usually is not .
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1 Galileo’s thermometer: works by small density differences with temperature Density The density of an object is defined as mass per volume. units: 1kg/m 3 e.g . Water has 1000 kg/m 3 density. Density is characteristic of the material. We say “lead is heavier than wood”, but what we mean is “lead has higher density than wood” Estimate the mass of the air in this room ! ? AIR ˜ 1.3 kg/m 3 m V , m V 1 Pressure in Fluids Pressure is defined as force per unit area units: 1 N/m 2 = 1 Pa “1 Pascal” Pressure is the “ stress ” in fluids, acts also on submerged bodies: Forces act on all surfaces The force s on a or exerted by a surface act perpendicular to the surface. Pressure
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Lect19-ch10_2 - L19Ch10 Spring 2004 PHY 2053C: College...

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