Lect20-ch10ch11_2 - 1 1 Spring 2004 PHY 2053C College...

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Unformatted text preview: 1 1 Spring 2004 PHY 2053C: College Physics A Today: Fluids: dynamics Fluid flow: Continuity Equation Bernoulli's Equation Lift & the Airplane Wing Vibrations and Waves Simple Harmonic Oscillator-- pendula & springs Damped Oscillators Resonance Mot i on , For c e s, Energy , Heat , Wave s Dr. David M. Lind, Dr. Kun Yang, Dr. David Van Winkle L20—Ch10Ch11 1 Announcements We don’t have mini-exam#6 completely graded yet, but will go over it on Wednesday. The final exam will be held: Wednesday, December 8 at 10:00-12:00 , and is scheduled for 275 Fisher Lecture Hall The place will not be in our current classroom! ! The final exam will be comprehensive , and we will spend most of the last week of class reviewing for it. There will be labs held the last week of class. (this is different from the syllabus for the class!!!) 2 1 review: F 2(out) A 2 A 1 F 1 Important Points from Last Lecture Density: The density of an object is defined as mass per volume; units: 1kg/m 3 r = m /V The pressure in liquids varies with the depth : P = r hg Pascal's Principle : pressure i n c rea s e due to some externa l f or c es i s the s ame throughout a c on f i ned f l u i d l eads to me c han i c a l for c e mu l t i p li c at i on i n Hydrau li c Li ft s Bouyancy : Since the pressure in a liquid increases with depth, for submerged objects , the fluid exerts a buoyant force on the object, which equals the weight of displaced fluid!...
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Lect20-ch10ch11_2 - 1 1 Spring 2004 PHY 2053C College...

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