psci3300h5 - Homework#5(Crosstabs/Chi-square POS 3713...

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Homework #5 (Crosstabs/Chi-square) POS 3713 - Spring 2007 (Dr. Hensel) This homework assignment is due at the beginning of class (i.e., before lecture starts) on Thursday, April 5 (note that this is later than the original due date listed in the syllabus, to give students more time to work with SPSS) . Any work turned in after lecture begins that day (even if only a few minutes into class) will be assessed a late penalty. Also, note that all work must be your own -- students found to have copied their answers from other students (or to have had their answers copied by other students) will receive automatic zero grades on this assignment, and may face further disciplinary action. Please type your responses to each question. The frst seven questions require you to set up a bivariate table based on the in-class survey data (#1-3) and then interpret the data presented in this table (#4-7). 1-3 (worth 3 points). The in-class survey from earlier this semester produced the following results for the question about the current amount of U.S. defense spending. Among male respondents, 7 believe that the U.S. spends too much on defense, and 19 do not; among female respondents, 16 believe that the U.S.
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psci3300h5 - Homework#5(Crosstabs/Chi-square POS 3713...

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