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Unformatted text preview: Review Sheet for Midterm Exam #1 POS 3713 - Spring 2007 (Dr. Hensel) You will have the scheduled class period on Tuesday, February 6 to complete the exam. • The exam covers FNLG chapter 1, J&R chapters 1-8, and the assigned journal articles, as well as all material covered in the lecture notes. The questions on the frst exam are all multiple-choice questions. • No books, notes, or other materials will be allowed during the exam. • Note that no bathroom breaks are permitted during the exam -- once you leave the room, you can’t return. Also, be on time -- once the frst person fnishes and leaves the room, nobody else can enter. General Material to Review: • What the scientifc approach is and how this di¡¡ers ¡rom other sources o¡ knowledge (generalization, ¡alsifable, empirical, probabilistic, non-normative, uncertainty) • What theories include, and why they are use¡ul/important • Diehl and Kingston: understand how they compare di¡¡erent theories that produce the same basic hypothesis...
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