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Review Sheet for Final Exam POS 3713 - Spring 2007 (Dr. Hensel) You will have the scheduled class period to complete the exam. No books or notes will be allowed, except for the materials that are provided for you. You are encouraged to bring a calculator to use on the exam. • The exam covers FNLG chapters 6-8 and 13-14, J&R chapters 13-14, and all material covered in the lecture notes. The questions will include 20 multiple-choice questions and 10 that involve interpretation and/or simple calculations. A sheet of formulas will be provided for you, along with the relevant statistical tables. • Note that no bathroom breaks are permitted during the exam -- once you leave the room, you can’t return. Also, be on time -- once the ±rst person ±nishes and leaves the room, nobody else can enter. General Material to Review: • Be sure to review the "Main Points" section at the end of each chapter in FNLG • Know how to construct a bivariate table (which variable goes where, cell contents, marginals, etc.) • Know how to assess the association between variables using column percentages
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