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hw1-1 - COP4610 Spring 2006 Homework Assignment 1 The...

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COP4610 Spring 2006 Homework Assignment 1 The material for this homework assignment covers Chapters 1 to 2. 1. Think about all computer systems that you and your family has owned in the past such as PCs, Laptops, and handhelds, but also iPods, cell phones, digital wrist watches, DVD players, TiVO, and other consumer electronics. For all of these systems, find out via product manuals and the Internet which ones are running an operating system (not a simple monitor) and what “brand” of operating system. Indicate if any one of these systems is based on a Java virtual machine. 2. For you favorite CLI shell (e.g. sh, csh, tcsh) on Linux, find out if the “rm” command is built-in or an OS service program. Use the “man” pages and/or the “which” command and/or change the $PATH variable to investigate. You can change the $PATH variable using the “setenv” command. Run “rehash” after “setenv PATH” to let the changes take effect.
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