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Review2 - Review 2 Blackbody radiation Relationship of...

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Review 2 Blackbody radiation . Relationship of wavelength at maximum intensity and Temperature (Wien’s Law): The observed electromagnetic spectrum from a star has a peak at 500 nm. What is its surface temperature in degrees Kelvin? Stefan-Boltzmann law : How many times more energy is emitted per unit of time and unit of surface area of a star with surface temperature 4000 K as compared to that emitted from the same-size area and same amount of time of a different star with surface temperature 8000 K? The inverse square law (Chapter 6, page 103, Fig, 6.3). How many times lower would the intensity of light from a given star become if the star was 3 times farther away? What is the Coriolis effect? What is the structure of Earth’s interior and how do we know about it? The Earth’s magnetic field and its reversal. What is seafloor spreading and what kind of plate motions do exist? Layers of Earth’s atmosphere. What are the Van Allen belts. How did the earth’s atmosphere, earth’s interior and oceans form and how did they evolve from primeval time?
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