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Name: ".R^ Economics l15B Spring 20l l Dr. Janine L.F. Wilson b. When helping a developing country, Sachs suggests looking at a country how a doctor looks at a patient. Explain the five key lessons of clinical medicine's counterparts in good economic practices. (10 points) i. Look at the economy as a complex system, you cannot change one system without affecting others. Think about this impact before acting. ii. Economists need to learn the art of differential analysis. Do not use a one size fits all approach. iii. All medicine is family medicine so do not ignore relationships with neighboring countries and regions. iv. Good development practice requires monitoring and evaluation. Set goals for specific outcomes and change course if what you are doing does not work. v. Development economists needs ethical and professional standards to which they will be held accountable. c. How would Esther Duflo suggest aid money be distributed in Sudan?
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Unformatted text preview: Why? (6 points) It should be distributed in Sudan only after experiments have been done determining the best use of a dollar in Sudan. Maybe it is bednets, deworming in schools or improvements in distribution of immunizations to children. d. What is one of the serious dangers threatening aid effectiveness according to Agenor and Aizenman? What are the two effects that this has? (9 points) i. Danger- Aid volatility. There is no predictability in the promises from developed countries for developing countries regarding how much aid they will receive. ii. Effect 1- projects are left unfinished when the promised aid does not arrive. iii. Effect 2-the country reduces the desired level of investment, lowers funding requirements. They then get less money in the future and projects that are not as productive as they could be....
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