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Stdyguide3 - a DcBT AJ A*rAyF tu Trcfw_g sceNr croyes...

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a. DcBT AJ A *rAy€F tu Tr{g s€ceNr croyes} CuPP€NCY & 8Aul4N6 CPl6EC . q. Know r Th4r Cf t$PJ, born banhrhg qnd cuf (pn(y g rrt P.t hcqP bee^ boe Cofino n (thf f trb?raIr'totr'on of c4pr'trt nartfr*r bolart. b. tcnow MiAnf in3 fgvl gra6e{ on ,lr0 foal ?o a bqnle,b8 a^d (.urre^(v ( fuin\ ( rri ir. @ f ;berqt r'r.rirg undpr devploPPd o( poorty devcloped fin4ncr?l (y.rrpnnd. . - eK (esg r've ris t< lakng 6y in erPerrpnrpd €too,^cia I r'n.(!r'lvrr'o n{ - inePfCc tf vp yB$vt4 rrbhs 6y nai'ug ot?ici4t,t - 60.Pr n lrrpn r gvarooreel can troqre d F.or4t harard o. - IntPtb Q(owth o? Crpd;l lvplpd by paty a.cetJ lo (orc{gn (undt . r*/ r'/n u? tu cu((ency rricir. . - h igttpr in rprr.r f ra ry{ *a t cb @d {o lp.r ,t l9ndtig , rQhr crpcl r'l . - Compqprp{ rqn'l ge r {oa nr I gupn goo} Conpcnrp,rj - banf f ar'lurdd , [urnplny ta; I v res . @ cur(pncy crisis: - Pp,rrdPnrtt and ?utpt6n (pe( t)lar|(! {,tarr yO {ptt lhe cvr(Cn(y - l?ndprc (top lpncl rirg - .Jhorl le t n lpndPr.r PLll 0v I f npr r lho np),
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