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studyguide3.5 - ;^lj'1,nu"^.1 qnqros.r to?rce rrade...

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Ll T? ( zooo) c' uhqr o(0 ,t6 '/lA;n rpa.sonr ro rr'bp141,1' c.4?;14r tharrron .) /D ::.T-t'l:rntl cqpital th4r&pru (rqd fo _!iqhpr ovrool and ttreetrtr hl|rb., q. 5Tl G @ curnfrrP.r srro,,t.t bg cDn(0rnpJ -r-Fs:-r-:rs! evrsol And-ar9qng( 3+aai-Pltcv' :"Ji':: i:-ili,f , .;',,nn. ;,;; :'^'n ,,i?:;^;::r,^,:.*'; ,II ::,;:^,;,,:!, ,!l;,:,:,,,,,lii': GNp i( ncxrrhiLed by 4ruwrirs r*r." ,l"iJ^,0 t;:orrl:,^'*rrrJrl^uruir,^i,, o l,f::: ,!irirr,ri;^!::.^ ,^r,, @ /nrptnaltunql (umP? rtltun io" fvncl,l grourcral a nppde d 6gur &y co {hrrre,! to cvp4re qn ebndnrtc pnvirdnftpnr 4Nlrqclt.vo lo 6vlrnecl - - clx pd Joov't '::,:l'" trr'(.r ' de crca.red p phcrp ^cy. GD ogeo coqrlal rrrrrl.l'e1* trro.,,r f,"rr" eronomy throvgll c(,.,p1s r ttt?crtion -- t0hup( h'd0f't wi-lr arfiacp ana. inro rhp (ttvvtrrr, hprprhg to gtirnu aare iI. "#i"To.tT'tll^Si!,i:i'.
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Unformatted text preview: -;^lj';;'1, ,nu "^,'.1, qnqros.r to ?rce rrade rh ?oo,r,r & (p/ vi(el 5- obctfsl6 (zuoe) ' o' lt-: .fue,- hp tppt abr,r,t openrt'g ( a?;l ul rr,arhf t,) ':" , li$ii,,i';lll',-;l;';fi,;T'#lf,t:'ilp'rT'tncp'rPnl '|on,'P(r'r'Lt'PFttk'an a (Io':tpha'loP'- I:oi I cFnt rp r rrir pniv Rn d r_ gouts f,vrpshl /riQ6a1;1 s yllra c' Nhnt rs {hp (hrrrr.or-ru.,i. . ^L rr.i."- ,".^.-r.- - .'-: :','"'::.":' ,) t".'.'; ' ., ,T3r** ;JTil::,li';:ll^;;ir:r,rJ;.,u, (he,nt ^rn b( ,,,r/zr F, o,tr ir,rp,vrrprv -q nh,fFa.a, ,iTt,*"'Y,::!I ' ;rirrli 7rr-1. "i'"n 16 aft t.?h.( utr to pnturcp r,rh/t, ^ ",lvtot^o.rary eot,it.' h v?Yn' Ah/- Pat,p\r tnp (urrdvct al a-aweuk tcqtty dypppt4 I "*nfi lftl'ry,,JJ*i,"iii,.l r1*0 ndrr'1 berttr pt,pqrp tt (v rhp p(rF,r (ti,tr.r rvrqn)n lray horv0 bppn pp rptns 4 ( r, rrpnr 4 (uouh F {ur pr4r....
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