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GI-GU1_3-09 - to be followed by a continuous IV infusion On...

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Clinical Rotation: GI/GU Student Name:_________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 1 Key Date:_________________________ 1. The physician orders Lanoxin 0.25 mg IV daily. In the patient’s medication drawer is: Lanoxin 0.5 mg/2 ml. How many ml do you give? _____ 1 mL 2. Phenobarbital is available in 60 mg scored tabs. The order for your 150 pound patient reads Phenobarbital 30 mg po tid. How many tabs do you give? _____ ½ tabs 3. The patient is to receive D5 ¼ NS at 125 ml/hr. The drop factor is 15. gtts/min?________ 31 gtts 4. 500 mL of 0.9% Normal Saline is ordered to infuse over 4 hours. How many mL per hour do you administer?______ 125 mL 5. Methadone 150 mg po bid is ordered. It is available in gr 2 scored tablets in the locked narcotics cabinet. Give ______? 1 ¼ tabs 6. An IV bolus of regular insulin 0.33 units/kg is ordered to an adult weighing 138 lb. The label reads Regular insulin 100 units/ml. Give ______? 21 units 7. Heparin sodium 5000 units bolus is ordered as an initial dose by direct IV
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Unformatted text preview: to be followed by a continuous IV infusion. On hand is a vial containing 10,000 units/ml. Amount to give in ml?_____ 0.5 ml 8. Methylprednisolone sodium 200 mg is ordered to be given q6h IVPB. Each dose is diluted in 50 ml solution according to the insert directions and administered over 30 minutes. The drop factor is 60 gtt/ml. Drop rate/min?_______ 100 gtts 9. The physician orders 1000 ml D5W to be given over 8 hours with ampicillin sodium 0.5 g q6h IVPB in 50 ml D5W to be infused over 30 min. The drop factor is 60 gtt/ml. Drop rate/min of the 1 L IV?__________ Drop rate/min of the IVPB?__________ 125 gtts 100 gtts 10. A child is to receive 12 mg/kg/24hr hydrochloride divided into 2 doses and given IV in 100 ml D5W over 2 hours. The child’s weight is 55 lb. The drop factor is 60 gtt/ml. Total amount in mg/24 hr? __________ 300 mg...
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