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MathPolicy4-21-06 - Broward Community College Center for...

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Broward Community College Center for Health Science Education Department of Nursing Math Competency Requirement Generic Track / LPN-RN Transition Track All Nursing Courses Except NUR 1020L The student will be provided two (2) opportunities to meet the math competency requirement for each subsequent nursing clinic course (except NUR 1020L). A satisfactory score is 90% or higher is required for successful completion on Math Test # 1. Students not obtaining 90% or higher on Math Test # 1 will be required to successfully complete Math Test # 2 with a score of 90% or higher. Medication administration is permitted only after evidence of 90% or higher on a Math test . Students not meeting the math competency requirement are required to withdraw from the nursing clinic course and shall successfully complete a math remediation course prior to enrolling in another nursing clinic course. Procedure 1. Math Test #1 will be given within the first week of the term. 2.
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