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Nursing Process Math Workbook A 1-22-10

Nursing Process Math Workbook A 1-22-10 - 1 CLEARLY PRINT...

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1 Revised 1-22-10 CLEARLY PRINT YOUR NAME:__________________________________________ Sample exam directions: PLEASE read each question carefully. Show all work either on this paper or on a separate piece of paper. No work; no credit. Your work must logically lead to your answer to receive credit. You must round according to the BC rounding rules and adhere to the JCAHO Do Not Use list. For example, leading zeros are required before a decimal point and no trailing zeros are allowable. Clearly identify your answers on the exam form (this paper). Blanks and unlabeled answers will be scored as incorrect. The exam booklet is only to be used for the taking and reviewing of the test. It is not to be taken out of the classroom. Any other use or removal from the classroom constitutes unauthorized possession of an examination and will be considered a violation of academic honesty. NURSING PROCESS MATH WORKBOOK A 1 Ordered: Mycodan 0.125 g at bedtime Supply: Mycodan 250 mg scored tabs Give ____ each dose. 2 Ordered: Demerol 75 mg IM q4-6h prn pain Have: Demerol 50 mg / mL How many mL will you give?______ 3 Ordered: Phenobarb 12 mg po Have: Phenobarb 30 mg / 4mL Give ______ . 4 Give Kaon elixir 20 meq from the bottle labeled: Kaon elixir 10 meq / 5 mL. Give ____ 5 Order: Tancaine 2 g po tid Supply: Tancaine 500 mg tabs Give ____ each dose? 6 Give Mysoline 0.125 g from tablets labeled 250 mg. Give ___. 7 The physician orders gr iss and you have on hand tablets labeled 60 mg. Each. The dose of gr iss is how many mg.? ___________ 8 The physician orders gr 1/8. You have an ampule labeled 30 mg / mL. The patient should receive _____? 9 You receive an order for 0.2 g of Tigan on your post C-section patient. The floor stock is a 5 mL vial labeled 100 mg / mL. How many mL should you give?_____ 10 Give Phenobarbital Sodium 65 mg IM. The drug is available at 130 mg / mL. Give ______
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2 Revised 1-22-10 11 Ordered: Dilantin 750 mg IV Have: 50 mg / mL. How many mL would you give? _____ 12 Order: Keflex 500 mg suspension po qid Label: Keflex, reconstituted with 62 mL H 2 0, 5 mL = 250 mg. Give ___________________mL 13 Order: Morphine grains ss po q 3 to 4 h prn pain Supply: Morphine grains 1/8 tab Give _____ tab each dose 14 Ordered: Lanoxin 0.75 mg IV push Supply: Lanoxin 0.25 mg / mL Give: __________mL 15 Ordered: ASA grains XV po q 3 to 4 h prn, temp > 101 F Supply:
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Nursing Process Math Workbook A 1-22-10 - 1 CLEARLY PRINT...

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