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OB1_3-09 - Clinical Rotation OB Math Practice Worksheet#1 1...

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Clinical Rotation: OB Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet #1 Date:_________________________ 1. A neonate weighs 8.8 pounds. The order reads: Claforan 25 mg per kg per day bid. How many mg do you give at 6 a.m.?? 50 mg 2. A neonate weighs 6 lb. 8 oz. The doctor orders Ampicillin po 50 mg per kg qid. How many mg will be given each dose? 150 mg 3. Julie Downs is in labor. The doctor orders Ampicillin 250 mg. Diluted in 50 mL. D5Q to infuse in 30 minutes. (Drop factor is 15 gtts/mL.) You would run it at _______ gtts/min? 25 gtts 4. Dr. Jones has ordered Demerol 50 mg. For a post section patient. On hand you have Demerol 75 mg. per 2 mL. You would give _____? 1.3 mL 5. Mrs. Kelly is an antepartum patient suffering from heartburn. Dr. Smith has ordered Maalox 30 mL po prn. She will take _________ tsp? 6 tsp 6. Aqueous Penicillin 800,000 units is ordered IM. On hand you have a 1 million units vial. Directions on the label read: add 3.6 mL of sterile water to yield 250,000 units/mL. You would give ____________? 3.2 mL 7. Percocet is ordered for Mrs. Jones.
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