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OB2_3-09 - Demerol 30 mg is ordered prn On hand is Demerol...

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Clinical Rotation: OB Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 2 Date:_________________________ 1. A neonate weight 5 lb. Dr. orders Claforan 25 mg/kg/day bid. How many mg will you give a 6 am? 28.8 mg 2. A neonate weight 6 lb 8 oz The Dr. orders Ampicillin 50mg/kg/day q8h. How many mg will you give a 2 pm? 50 mg 3. Julie Downs is in labor, her doctor orders an IV of 500 mL D5W to infuse in 8 hours. Drop factor is 15 gtts/mL. Administer ______ gtts/min? 16 gtts/min 4. Mrs. Williams had the following on her breakfast tray: Half a piece of toast, one and one half pints of milk, a quarter serving size of scrambled egg, 15 tsp of orange juice, half a bowl of oatmeal and 10 oz of tea. Total intake? 1095 or 1125 mL 5. Mrs. Smith had a C-section. She is one day postpartum. She is having severe pain at her incision site.
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Unformatted text preview: Demerol 30 mg is ordered prn. On hand is Demerol 25 mg/mL. You would give ______? 1.2 mL 6. Zinacef 1 g is ordered in 100 mL to run over 60 min. Drop factor is 10 gtts/mL. How many gtts/min? 17 gtts/min 7. Miss Jenny had the following for dinner: 30 T of soup, 1.5 pints of milk, all her salad, 10 oz of coke, 60 tsp of orange juice and half a piece of cherry pie. What was the total intake? 1770 or 1800 mL 8. Aqueous PCN 800,000 units IM is ordered. Directions on the vial read add 3.6 mL of sterile water to yield 250,000 units/mL. You will give _____? 3.2 mL 9. Mrs. Alonso is ordered Demerol 25 mg. What is available is 100 mg/mL. How many mL will you give? 0.25 mL 10. Dr.’s order reads Ampicillin 500,000 units IV. On hand is one million units/10 mL. How many ml will you give? 5 mL...
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