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Ortho-neuro1_3-09 - yield 1 g mL You would administer 0.5...

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Clinical Rotation: Ortho-Neuro Student Name:______ ___________ Math Practice Worksheet # 1 Date:_________________________ 1. The doctor orders IV heparin in D5W at 100 units per hour. The pharmacy sends up 25,000 units in 500 mL D5W. The pump is set to run at ________ mL/hr? 2 mL 2. Solumedrol 60 mg IV push is ordered. 250 mg/ 2 mL is available. How many mL are needed? __________ 0.48 mL 3. Depakene is ordered for a child weighing 24 kg . Give 15 mg/kg/day in 3 doses. How many mg will you give for each dose?______ 120 mg 4. Phenobarbital suppository gr ¼ is ordered bid for an epileptic elderly male following oral surgery. The pharmacy sent two Phenobarbital suppositories (15 mg each). How many suppositories are to be administered?______ One suppositor y 5. The physician orders Kefzol 500 mg IM. The dosage available is Kefzol 2 g per vial. The directions read: dilute Kefzol with 2 mL of NS to
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Unformatted text preview: yield 1 g/ mL. You would administer __________ 0.5 mL 6. A patient in status epilepticus has Dilantin 400 mg IV ordered stat. The Pyxis stock has Dilantin 500 mg/ 2 mL. How many mL would you give? _______ 1.6 Ml 7. Ampicillin 500 mg IV q6h is ordered. The drug is available in 750 mg vials which require 2.5 mL of NS for reconstitution. Each mL will contain 350 mg of drug. How many mL will you administer?______ 1.4 mL 8. Kefzol 250 mg in 100 mL D5W is ordered to run over 45 min. The drop factor is 15 gtts/mL. How many drops are administered per minute? _______ 33 gtts 9. Valium 3.5 mg IM q6h prn is ordered. The supply is Valium 10 mg per 2 mL. Give _________ 0.7 mL 10. One unit (250 mL) of RBC is to be administered over four hours. The blood tubing has a drip factor of 20 gtts/mL. How many drops per minute are required? _______ 21 gtts...
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