Ortho-neuro2_3-09 - drop factor is 15 gtts/mL 28 gtts 6 Premixed heparin sodium is available in 25,000 units/500 mL for continuous IV infusion 600

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Clinical Rotation: Ortho-Neuro Student Name:_______________ Math Practice Worksheet # #2 Date:_________________________ 1. Zinacef 650 mg is ordered IV. The pharmacy delivers a vial containing 1 g/ 8 mL. Give 5.2 mL 2. One gram of cefazolin sodium injection is ordered IM one hour prior to surgery. After reconstitution with 2.5 mL diluent, a 1 g vial contains 330 mg/mL. How many mL should be administered? ___________ 3 mL 3. The physician has ordered Phenobarbital 20 mg po for a 150 pound male patient. The pharmacy delivers a vial containing 30 mg/ 7.5 mL. Give _____ mL? 5 mL 4. The physician’s order reads, “penicillin G potassium 2,000,000 units IM now,” After reconstitution with 3 mL of diluent, a 5,000,000 units vial contains 1,000,000 units/mL. How many mL should be administered? ___________ 2 mL 5. The following fluids are to be infused over 18 hours in this order: 1000 mL D5W, 500 mL Ringer’s Lactate, 500 mL. D5W. Drop rate/min?
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Unformatted text preview: ( drop factor is 15 gtts/mL)__________ 28 gtts 6. Premixed heparin sodium is available in 25,000 units/500 mL for continuous IV infusion. 600 units/hr is ordered. Infusion rate in mL/hr? ___________ 12 mL 7. Regular insulin 500 units is added to 500 mL NS with orders to give 10 units/hr IV. The drop factor of the set is 20 gtts/mL. Drop rate/min? ___________ 3 gtts 8. Quinidine sulfate is supplied in 200 mg tab. How many tab should be administered per dose if gr iii is prescribed? ___________ 1 tabs 9. The maintenance dose of sulfasoxazole is 150 mg/kg/24 hr. How many mL should a 29 lb. Child receive per q6h dose if a 16 oz bottle of the medication supplies a suspension equivalent to 0.5 Gm/tsp? ___________ 5 mL 10. A 2 mL vial of midazolam HCL injection contains 10 mg (5mg/mL). How many mL should be administered to a 154 lb. Patient if a dosage formulation of 0.07 mg/kg is used? ___________ 0.98 mL...
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