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Peds1_3-09 - Dilantin 3.5 mg/kg IV q8h Lisa weight 30 lb...

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Clinical Rotation: Pediatrics Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 1 Date:_________________________ 1. Paul is receiving Digoxin every 8 hours. He weights 4.8 kg. The safe range for Digoxin is 0.04 - 0.08 mg/kg/day. The nurse is to administer her 8 am dose. What is the highest safe amount the nurse should administer? 0.128 mg 2. IV med order: Aminophylline 500 mg in 20 mL D5W. Administer in a volume of 50 mL in 20 minutes using a pediatric drip cassette. The correct drip rate is _____ gtts per minute. 150 gtts 3. Ceclor is ordered. The PDR instructions read: 60 mg/kg/daily in divided doses q8h. The child weight 11 lb. How many mg do you give this child per dose? 100 mg 4. Drug ordered: Tylenol gr 1 ½ po. Drug on hand: Tylenol 80 mg per 0.8 mL. Amount to give: _______ 0.9 mL 5. Lisa is receiving Dilantin IV. The PDR instructions are:
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Unformatted text preview: Dilantin 3.5 mg/kg IV q8h. Lisa weight 30 lb. The recommended dose for Lisa is ____ per dose? 47.6 mg 6. The order reads Gentamycin 18 mg IV. Pharmacy delivers Gentamycin 80 mg in 2 mL. Give ____? 0.45 mL 7. Mark is receiving Ampicillin. The safe dose is 20 - 40 mg/kg/day in divided doses q8h. He weighs 28 lb. The maximum dosage for this child is _____ per dose? 169.3 mg 8. IV administration order: Rocephin g 1.5 in 30 mL or D5 1/3NS to be infused over 40 min using a pediatric drip set. How many drops per minute? 45 gtts 9. PDR instructions: Codeine 1.5 mg/kg/day in divided doses q4h prn. The child weight 30 lb. Give _______ per dose? 3.4 mg 10. Oxacillin in ordered for a 35 lb child. The recommended safe dose in the PDR is 3 - 6 mg/kg q 6-8h. What is the recommended dosage range for this child in mg/dose? 47.7 mg - 95.4 mg...
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