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Clinical Rotation: Pediatrics Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # 2 Date:_________________________ 1. Mark is to receive Rocephin IV bid. He weight 15 lb. The PDR states the recommended dose is 30 mg/kg/day. Mark is to receive how much daily? How many mg per dose? 204 mg 102 mg 2. Jeremy is receiving Digoxin q8h. He weighs 10.6 kg. The safe dose range for Digoxin is 0.02 to 0.04 mg/kg/day. The nurse is to administer her 8 am dose. What is the highest safe amount the nurse should administer? 0.141 mg 3. Paul is to receive Lasix 16 mg q6h. He weighs 12 kg. The safe dose for Lasix is 3 mg/kg/day. How much Lasix is Paul receiving daily? Is his dose within the safe range? 64 mg no 4. Dick is receiving Ampicillin 350 mg q4h. He weighs 22 kg. The safe dose for Ampicillin is 125 mg/kg/day. How much Ampicillin is Dick receiving in 24 hours? If the medication is dispensed in a preparation of 250 mg/5 mL, how many mL would the nurse administer to Dick at 9 am?
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Unformatted text preview: 2100 mg 7 mL 5. IV medication order: Aminophylline 300 mg in 30 mL D5W. Administer in a volume of 30 mL in 20 min. Using a pediatric drip set the correct drip rate is _________ gtts/min. 90 gtts 6. Drug order: Tylenol gr ½ po Drug on hand: Tylenol 80 mg/ 0.8 mL Give: __________ 0.3 mL 7. Gentamycin is ordered for a 20 lb child. The PDR recommends 3.6 mg/kg/day IV q8h. The recommended dosage for this child is _____ per dose. 10.9 mg 8. Ceclor 60mg/kg/day is ordered to be given in divided doses q6h. The child weighs 33 pounds. How many mg do you give per dose? 225 mg . Barbara is receiving Amoxicillin 750 mg q12h. She weighs 45 kg. The safe dose is 20 mg per kg per day. What is the highest safe amount Barbara should receive in a 24 hr period? Is the dose Barbara is currently receiving a safe dose? 900 mg no 10. Calculate the total intake: 2 oz soda, 3 tsp water, 4 ½ oz milk 30 mL Jell-O. 240 mL...
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