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Clinical Rotation: Psych Student Name:__________________ Math Practice Worksheet # Date:_________________________ 1. Your patient has Vistaril 25 mg IM prn for agitation. Vistaril is available in a multidose vial labeled 100 mg/ 1 mL. Give _________ 0.25 mL 2. Tylenol 1000 mg is ordered prn for fever >101. Tylenol gr V tabs are available. Give _______ 3 tabs 3. D5/0.5NS 500cc is ordered to infuse over 2 hours. The drop factor is 10 gtts/mL. Regulate the drip rate at ________ /min? 42 gtts 4. The physician has ordered Lasix 40 mg IV push. You have Lasix 100 mg per 5 mL in your med cart. Give _______ 2 mL 5. Your order reads: Phenergan with codeine 2 tsp po prn. Give ______ 10 mL 6. Klonopin 0.5 mg po tid is ordered.
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Unformatted text preview: Pharmacy delivers Klonopin 1 mg in scored tablets. Give _______ ½ tabs 7. The Psychiatrist has ordered Thorazine 800 mg per 24 hours to be given in four divided doses for your patient. You have Thorazine 200 mg tabs available. Give______ per dose? 1 tabs 8. 1000 mL Lactated Ringers is ordered to run over 4 hours. The drop factor is 15 gtts/mL. Regulate the IV drip rate to ________ gtts/min. 63 gtts 9. Solumedrol 45 mg is ordered IV push. Available is Solumedrol 100 mg per 2 mL. Give _______ 0.9 mL 10. Aminophylline is ordered by IV drip to run at 20 mg per hour. The pharmacy delivers Aminophylline 500 mg in 500 mL D5W. (drop factor 60 gtts/mL) Regulate the drip rate at _______ gtts per minute? 20 gtts...
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